School Work Balance

Tools for parents

Is your child looking for his/her first job? How can you help?


This brochure gives ideas on how to help your child who has choosen to work while studying. You will find topics for discussions with your child so that he/she can have a positive first work experience.

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Balancing school and work: a collective challenge


The objective of this tool is to inform the public about School-Work Balance Estrie. School-Work Balance Estrie aims to support a community that promotes a balance between school and work. Thanks to the attitudes developed by balancing school and work, a young person increases their chances of obtaining a diploma and at the same time, becomes more prepared for their future professional life.


A certified employer encourages their student employees to pursue their studies through the implementation of flexible and facilitative working conditions.

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Accumulation of work-related activities and constraints


In order to promote healthy lifestyle choices and improve your child’s school-work balance, you can accompany them on the french website. There, you will find a handy interactive tool in the form of a questionnaire, which establishes your child’s profile based on their specific school, work and health situation.

Avenues for reflection and practical solutions will be proposed to reduce or eliminate the risks associated with the accumulation of activities so that your child can be aware of their situation and adopt new habits.