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School-Work Balance Estrie

School-Work Balance Estrie aims to support a community that promotes a balance between school and work. Thanks to the attitudes developed by balancing school and work, a young person increases their chances of obtaining a diploma and at the same time, becomes more prepared for their future professional life. A certified employer encourages their student employees to pursue their studies through the implementation of flexible and facilitative working conditions.

Where does School-Work Balance Estrie come from? The program stems from the partners’ (economic, educational and social) desire to develop a regional Estrie concept of school-work balance, while simultaneously relying on the program’s deployment by the MRC territories in a way that is adapted to the local realities of each territory. The program has drawn inspiration from the Sherbrooke program’s experience. Partners for educational success Estrie (Projet PRÉE) acts as a resource and regional reference in the development of the School-work balance Estrie program.

School-work balance is the balance between time spent on paid work and on one’s studies (classes, schoolwork, exams, extracurricular activities, travel time, internships). A good balance exists when the student employee prioritizes their studies and devotes the necessary time to ensure their success at school.