School Work Balance

My role as a professional

Why talk about school-work balance?

  • Because more and more young people work while they pursue their studies
  • Because work is an asset for school perseverance and for the development of various aptitudes, except when the student works too many hours per week
  • Because there is a risk for the student to have difficulties at school or to drop out when:
    • Their job prevents them from devoting the necessary time to their schoolwork and they fall behind.
    • The number of paid work hours increases during exam periods or periods in which schoolwork must be submitted.

What are the advantages of having a job while in school?

  • Increased self-esteem
  • Development of a sense of autonomy and responsibility
  • Learning to manage a budget
  • Development of knowledge and skills

As a professional, you can put into place positive actions to promote school-work balance among young people:

  • By offering workshops or coaching on various topics
  • By supporting and guiding them when they experience school-work balance problems