School Work Balance

I am helping my child to maintain balance between school and work

The challenge? Balance!

Support your child with school-work balance

If your child experiences an imbalance, his/her academic success will be in danger. As a parent, you can positively influence and help him/her make the right décisions.

You can help your child to balance his/her studies and work, by keeping yourself informed about:
  • the number of hours worked (ideally 10-15 hours, max 20 hours)
  • the burden of school work
  • your child’s interest and level of motivation towards school
  • the marks received at school
  • the exam periods and end of session
  • the employer’s practices with regard to school-work balance
  • the signs of stress or fatigue
  • how your child manages his/her budget
Warning : working too much in order to over-consume

Many youngsters increase their work hours to buy what they want. Guide your child in regard to questioning his/her choices and help him/her maintain a balance between studies and work.


Do i really need it?


Calculate with your child how many hours of work represent the purchase of a meal at a restaurant or a cell phone plan. He/she will be surprised!


Time management tool

Does your child’s time management benefit his/her school-work balance? Here is a tool (in french only) to obtain an overview of your child’s week. To do so, he/she must simply select his/her current situation.

I am a high school student
I am a student at a vocationnal education center
I am a student at an adult education center
I am a cégep or university student

Is your child’s job interfering with their studies?

Talk to them about it. Get informed.

Here are some resources for finding help: