School Work Balance

I am helping my child find a job

Your youngster is looking for a first job? You can support your child by helping them carry out the following steps.

Step 1 - Define his/her profile

What an excellent opportunity for your child to get to know themselves! Here are some topics on which you can question your child:


  • Leisure time, interests, passions?
  • Work with the public or manual labour?
  • Team work, work alone or both?
  • Strenghts and weaknesses?
  • Future occupation?


The answers will tell you what kind of job suits your child.

Step 2 - Writing a CV

How does one make a CV interesting without work experience? You can help your child turn qualities and commitment into skills!

Visit the following site to help him/her list their competencies:



The qualities of a good CV:

  • It is short and precise
  • It has a clear layout
  • It is not more than two pages


The “Carrefours jeunesse-emploi de l’Estrie” websites also offer online tools that may be useful :


Step 3 - Target certified employers

Certified employers support perseverance by respecting the needs of students regarding their  education. They offer an environment that encourages a balance between studies and work, that is to say schedules that are adapted to the needs of student-employees. For a complete list of certified employers in Estrie, visit:

Directory of certified employers in Estrie

Step 4 - Preparing for an interview

You can help your child to be well prepared and to have a succesful interview.


  • Tell him/her about your personal experiences.
  • Simulate an interview, ask questions, help him/her to formulate answers.
  • Suggest that he/she gathers information about the company before the interview.


The employer wants to know about who they may be hiring. That is why first impressions are so important. The applicant must project a positive and confident image.


Obviously dressing appropriately, politeness and enthusiasm are very important the first time you meet an employer.

Step 5 - Keeping one's job

Your child has found a job he/she likes. How do you help him/her keep it?

Remind him/her of the importance of the following :

  • Be ponctual
  • Demonstrate autonomy and a sense of initiative
  • Demonstrate a positive attitude
  • Listen carefully to instructions
  • Ask questions about safety
  • Advise  the employer of exam periods, at least two weeks in advance